A fast growing seedbank out of Colorado for those of you that want top cannabis stains  in 2-3 days, Nukeheads is thae seedbank your looking for. Managed by Cody Oebel, they seem to be the fastest growing seedbank in the U.S. at this time. Not only selling seeds but branding there own line of nutrients. Cody Oebel also runs a youtube channel with grow tips and LED reviews, They also often have LED & nutrient giveaways. Check out Cody Oebel channel on youtube or visit


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Also check out there CAB a very interesting mico computer that can control your grow room while on vacation or work that will tell you everything that happening in your grow room monitored by your phone.-

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Cody Oedel seems to be a real genuine guy which is becoming hard to fine these days.

More info coming soon!!!