Cannabis Strain Reviews

These are just some strains of Cannabis That we at Urban LED really enjoy with a shot review that will maybe help you find Strain of cannabis you enjoy to grow. Browse our short reviews and take a look at are websites reviews. Marijuana strains can be broken down into two main type’s; cannabis sativa and cannabis Indica. Cannabis strains as OG Kush for example, are what’s called hybrid strains are mix of the sativa and Indica genetics. Depending what characteristics you’re looking for in a strain will determine what type of variety you go for. Cannabis sativa strains offer a euphoric, uplifting high whereas cannabis Indica strains offer more in the way of a body stone, or the classic stone as some people refer to it. There’s also a difference in the height, Indica’s tending to be short and bushy and Sativa’s tall and leggy. Whether it’s a Indica, Sativa or Autoflower, there is a Cannabis strain that will suit you.

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