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Ferti-lome 20-20-20 Water Soluble Plant Food Fertilizer, 8-Ounce

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Ferti-lome Fertilizer 20-20-20

A highly concentrated plant food ideal for use on all Geraniums, hanging baskets, Pansies, patio plants and Cannabis. Works best when used as a soil drench combined with a foliar spray. Application Rate: Container Grown: 1 tsp. in 1 gal. of water. Foliage Feeding: 1/4 tsp. in 1 qt. of water. Outdoor Plants: 2 tbsps. in 1 gal. of water. Foliage Feeding: 1 tbsp in 1 gal. of water.

Cannabis plants are strong and creative. Nonetheless, much like some other living life form, cannabis plants require supplements. Otherwise called manures, supplements can be either natural or inorganic (compound).

Before substance composts, customary cultivating hones expected you to keep the dirt solid and rich in supplements by either utilizing nitrogen fixers, for example, leguminous plants (e.g. beans, peas) as cover crops or by spreading excrement. These were the fundamental strategies utilized for a considerable length of time to keep gardens beneficial. At that point along came another style of advanced cultivating. It was formed in 1840 with a distribution, Chemistry in Its Application to Agriculture and Physiology, by Justus Von Liebig. This book presented the idea of N-P-K (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium) as the basic supplements required for a solid plant. Be that as it may, making these supplements artificially was exorbitant, particularly nitrogen.
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This all changed toward the begin of the twentieth century because of a disclosure made by Fritz Haber. Fritz made sense of how to settle nitrogen from the air and afterward join it with hydrogen pulled from characteristic gasses to make smelling salts. Smelling salts at that point could be delivered and utilized as a nitrogen compost with ease.

Today, there is ceaseless open deliberation around which kind of compost is the correct decision for your cannabis plants. The two strategies can deliver quality item, however they each have disservices to consider also.

Natural manures are portrayed as supplements that originate from natural sources, for example, creature and vegetable waste. They likewise reach out to residue like cold shake clean and gypsum that contain valuable minerals for the dirt and plant. When working with natural manures, you are given the chance to enhance your developing medium while in the meantime enhancing the nature of your blossoms. The advantage from organics to a great extent originates from the capacity to sustain this adjust. Producers frequently locate that developing naturally expands the flavor profile of the cannabis and in addition the yield.

Another considerable advantage originates from the way that this treatment procedure can rehash itself a seemingly endless amount of time as the dirt constantly makes strides. This makes utilizing natural composts a famous decision for open air nursery workers who utilize a similar soil more than once. Utilizing organics is additionally favored for the individuals who need to be more mindful and tuned in to their common habitat. Natural composts are promptly accessible from sustainable sources, and when connected, they ground down in the medium, anticipating supplement run-off and in this way making natural manures the earth-accommodating choice.

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4 reviews for Ferti-lome 20-20-20 Water Soluble Plant Food Fertilizer, 8-Ounce

  1. david medina

    Much cheaper then Nukeheads Flower Power. Same great results at a third of the price. Healthy green plants with lots of yield and no sign of nute bun. It’s true what they say this stuff is amazing for growing canabis! You wont regret it!

    • ledfamer

      Ferti lome changed there formula, Nukehead is selling the Feri lomes old formula. The item on this site is new, so if your watching nuke head vids this item is not the same.

  2. David Medina

    This is not true, I just received an email this morning from Fertilome customer service that says “We have not changed our active ingredients at all. Same great formulation we have used for years. No salt “added” as seen in the post. By the way, we do not sell our products on line. These are “third” party companies. We have no control as for the information on their sites. Yes, we do change our packaging labels from time to time to stay current with market trends.” Anyone telling you they changed their blend or formula is lying.

    • ledfamer

      I did not know this i was just going by what i was told. why would anyone lie about fertilizer?

  3. David Medina

    Cody Oebel the owner of started this rumor back in September of last year when he quit selling this one and the Fertilome Blooming & Rooting which was replaced with the Flower Power Package. (Nukeheads Uranium Veg and Plutonium Bloom)

  4. David Medina

    By the way the Nukeheads Flower Power Package originally had the same exact NPK as the Fertilome. hmm I wonder why? Maybe cause Cody was repackaging it and marking up the price!

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