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Galaxyhydro 300w 5w Chips Full Spectrum


The Galaxyhydro 300w 5w Chips is 12.6” length and 12.6” in width. Other 300w LED grow lights have smaller irradiated area, while this one has larger irradiated area. Basically you can grow more plants under theGalaxyhydro 300w 5w .

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Galaxyhydro Review

The Galaxyhydro LED grow light is designed for the indoor grower and supports both vegetative and flowering growth cycles.  It is a high powered LED light that emits 9 bands that include red and blue spectra, as well as wavelengths in the UV / IR range.  The light wavelengths are designed to ensure a quality PAR value which research reveals is best for optimizing plant development, growth, and yield production.  The Galaxyhydro is an inexpensive but efficiently built.  The Galaxyhydro is a great light that is built to give several small plants a beneficial blend of research proven light spectra.  Throughout the rest of this LED grow light review, comprehensive data will be provided so that you can determine if the Galaxyhydro LED grow light is the Best LED grow light for your specific growing situation and needs.

The Galaxyhydro is a full spectrum LED grow light which means that it includes light wavelengths that cover the photosynthetic active radiation zone or PAR.  This is important because not all grow lights provide light that support adequate PAR values in such a comprehensive way.  The Galaxyhydro includes 9 bands of spectra that will optimize growth during all plant grow stages.  The light emitted by the Galaxyhydro is designed to align with light emitted by the sun. The Full Spectrum 9 band wavelengths include blue light spectra, red light spectra, as well as UV and IR and white light.  The light spectrum ranges from 430nm to 730nm. Light spectra includes: UV 380~400nm, 430~440nm, 450~460nm, 470nm, 610~615nm, 620~630nm, 650~660nm, white light, IR~730nm Blue and red light spectra are proportioned to enhance PAR value and give plants the correct “light recipe” to optimize growth and yield. The Galaxyhydro has a dimmable feature that gives the grower power to control the light intensity.  This is a big plus for growers that like to fine tune aspects of the growing process in order to optimize results.  The light intensity can be tuned from a dial that is located on the back of the unit next to the power switch.  Options are always better in a grow light, and this option gives the grower the ability to fine tune the light instead of changing the height of the light’s hanging position.  As a plant grows from seed, growers often change the hanging position of the grow light in order to maintain optimal light penetration without being too close or too far from the plant.  The dimmable switch can give growers this control without having to change the light’s hanging position.

    • Wattage: 300w(4×15pcs×5W), package included: 1 led plant grow light; 1 power cord, 1 hanging hook
    • Light spectrum: 630nm 32pcs, 660nm 16pcs, 470nm 8pcs, 440nm 4pcs. 630nm and 660nm: low absorption of chlorophyll, has a great function on photosynthesis and photoperiod. 470nm: great absorption rate of chlorophyll and carotenoids, the greatest impact on photosynthesis. 440nm: Accelerated plant development, and to promote the synthesis of protein and organic acids
    • Daisy chain connection. 2 or more lights can be connected and used together by power cords. Energy & money & time saving. Power cord is included in each package, which means order 1 light, then you will get 1 power cord for free. (Power cord & hanging kit included in the package)
    • 2 On/Off switches. Each switch control 2pcs lights separately, you can turn off 2 lights if you just want half light on to saving energy
    • Heat dissipation. 4 cooling fans, Light won’t generate any ultra heat even works 18hrs a day, keep light has longer service life.

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