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Mars Pro II Epistar 160 LED Grow Light 386 Watts


Mars Pro II Epistar 160 LED Grow Light with veg and bloom switches to control different growing modes. Upgrated power supply, fans and chips, provide you the highest built quality of Mars Hydro. With the creative reflector cup design to give out the perfect mixed spectrum lights, meet the needs of those who must have the absolute highest quality harvest possible.

Mars Pro II Epistar Review

Mars Pro II Epistar 160 LED Grow Light 386 Watts An upgraded power supply, fans, and LED chips provide you the highest quality Mars Hydro has to offer. The creative reflector-cup design beams the perfect mixed-spectrum and meets the needs of growers who demand a high-quality harvest.

Incredible power at low operating temperature’s gives you more than double the par values per watt compared to traditional HID or HPS lighting. Epistar’s™ unmatched intensity and Mars Hydro engineering, offers you extreme power with stunning efficiency.

For over 6 years, Mars Hydro has been developing and innovating the LED Grow light industry. The reliability and performance of their products has made them a global leader of the LED Grow Light industry. Purchase your Mars Pro Epistar™ 120 and experience the true potential of your grow.

400 watt


110V:Growth:170W±5%|Bloom:362W±5% 220V:Growth166W±5%|Bloom:352W±5%

3.1A/120v 1.5A/120v

Input voltage: 85v – 265v Amperage: 3.18 @ 110v | 1.55 @ 220v


9.5 kg / 10kg

2’x3′ (61cm x 90 cm)

50000 hours


440nm, 460nm, 630nm ,660nm,730nm, 2700k-3000k



21 “x14″ x 4” (52cm x 34cm x 10cm)

Seedling:24”-30“ Growth:18”-24“ Bloom:12″-18 “

-4°F ~105°F (-20°C ~ 40°C)


Mars Pro II Epistar Review


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